Matt Lacas

Experience & Projects


  • Crucible
  • Othello

As Gomez Addams

As Piero

As Reverend Paris

As Othello

Randolph Academy

Fringe Festival / Toronto

Persephone Productions

Shakespeare for Kids Tour

  • Rocky Horror

As Eddy

Fringe Festival / Montreal

  • Show Times - Rumors

Cast member

Dawson Theatre

As Demetrius

Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Co.

  • Titus Andronicus

As David

Persephone Productions

Feature / Short Films*

  • Brick Mansions (2014)

Guard / SI for David Belle

Chanel+ / Relativity Media


  • Videotron

Member of ACTRA

TV Shows & Series

  • Being Human (Season 2)

Flirty Guy

Muse Montreal / BBC

  • Wandering Stars - In Transit

Cast member

Segal Center for Performing Arts

  • To Be - A New Musical
  • Edges: A Song Title

As Man 1

Processed Theatre

  • The High Note (2014)

As Dani (6 episodes)

Director: Holly-Brace Lavoie

  • Amy's in the Attic (2010)*

As Shawn

Director: Matthew Saliba

  • Into The Woods (2016)

As Steward

Hart House Theatre